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Nov. 8, 2023

Tips for hiring your first technical writer

Every once in a while, startup founders and managers decide that they need someone to create and manage their docs –perhaps after reading this letter. Some contact me to understand how they should go about hiring for a tech writer. Since I’ve already published tips for job hunting as a tech writer, I thought it would be a good idea to write down some advice for the other side, too. Here are my recommendations for software companies wanting to hire their first technical writer.

Oct. 23, 2023

Chat with Tom Johnson about AI and tech comms

I had a cool chat with Tom Johnson (idratherbewriting.com) about AI and its impact on technical writing and documentation. Along the way, we also had the chance of discussing open source docs and the challenge of being a first-time contributor.

Oct. 22, 2023

My favorite tech writing tools

I’ve already presented the gear I use at work. Here’s my list of favorite software tools for technical writing, the ones I couldn’t do without in my day-to-day routine. They mostly apply to a docs-as-code, software documentation setting. Notice that I’m not listing docs generators or markup languages on purpose, as we seldom get to choose them.

Sep. 23, 2023

Bestiary: On Doc Types and Other Animals

Of documentation many are the kinds throughout the web—unnumbered, since no writer can count their multitudes, nor rightly learn the ways of their wild nature; wide they roam, these patterns, as far as Internet sets. Let me, o reader, speak of these bewitching creatures, for in the end all content types are chimeras, and those who work to reduce their number are doomed to fail…

Sep. 20, 2023

Once Upon a Time There Were... Docs

Here are the video and abstract from my talk Once Upon a Time There Were… Docs from Write the Docs Atlantic 2023.

Sep. 16, 2023

Tips for job hunting as a technical writer

I’ve been working as a writer in tech for more than 15 years now. During this time I’ve been at five different companies. I’ve done tons of interviews and got more than a dozen offers, some of which I ended up accepting. It didn’t always start with clicking “Apply”; it didn’t always go as expected. Whatever the outcome, though, I learned a thing or two which I’d like to share.

Jul. 17, 2023

An experiment in humorous documentation

A few days ago I published a repository for the English Programming Language, a tongue-in-cheek parody of README files. I had a hunch and posted it on Hacker News at 3 AM. When I woke up, the repo was on the front page and already racked up 200 stars on GitHub. Not bad for a nerd joke.

But then again, why would someone write humorous technical documentation?

Jun. 25, 2023

A tech writer's letter to software developers

Dear software developer,

You might have heard about technical writers, those mythical creatures. You might even be working with one. Whatever the case, I’d like to send you advice on how to achieve a healthy work relationship with technical writers so that you can get the best possible documentation for your product.

Jun. 18, 2023

How did I become a technical writer

A friend asked me the other day how I became a technical writer. The question gave me pause and made me realize that, while I wrote about how to become a technical writer, I hadn’t yet written how I had become one. For all who may be interested, here’s how I got to work as a tech writer.

May. 14, 2023

Docs-as-code topologies

Should docs stay with the code they document? Or should they rather be in a separate repo, fully managed by tech writers and docs site developers? The matter of where docs should be living when doing docs-as-code isn’t easy to untangle. With the following topologies I’ve tried to describe situations I’ve found myself into or seen in the wild. Each has its own pros and cons, though only the last is my favorite.

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